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Meet Our Team

XCPCNL Business Services is led by a diverse, highly experienced and motivated team of senior executives and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in marketing, sales, operations, manufacturing, aesthetics and retail.

Tim Matthews


A seasoned marketing executive, Tim Matthews leverages almost 25 years of strategic marketing and consumer research experience to deliver superior results. He is highly skilled in driving new product development and marketing strategies. Tim held the position of Director of Strategic Planning and Senior Trade Marketing Manager for RJ Reynolds. He also developed marketing platforms for some of the top global brands including British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, JUUL, Altadis and Google while owning his agency. Tim possesses an exceptional combination of analytical and creative thinking that has led him into becoming a highly sought-after consultant for several CPGs, lifestyle brands, and service industries.

Terry Pratt


An exceptional Manufacturing, Engineering, and Business Development Executive, Terry Pratt has over two decades of experience in Engineering Designs, as well as a host of Business Development techniques and strategies. Terry developed his knowledge and skills during his tenure at fast-paced Automotive Manufacturing companies, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Caterpillar, as well as Oil and Energy Companies (Domestically, Off Shore, and Subsea). Not only has Terry been instrumental in the continued successful development of these companies’ processes, but his ability to problem solve and implement strategic approaches has allowed each of those companies to reach their highest recorded revenue during Terry’s tenure.

Julius Baron

Head of Growth Marketing

JB has spent his entire career in growth marketing as a Consultant, a Full-Time Head of Growth and as an agency owner. In these capacities, JB has overseen tens of millions in venture capital raises and revenue growth in industries verticals ranging from consumer goods to on-demand services to B2B SaaS, Security Intelligence and Healthcare. Notable Clients include:

  • Bud.com (Cannabis Delivery)
  • Setter (Automated Home Management) – Acquired by Thumbtack
  • Stabilitas (Security Intelligence AI) – Acquired by OnSolve
  • Royal Ambulance (Emergency Healthcare Services)
Daegan Smith

Director of Marketing

Daegan Smith, is an online direct response marketing expert who has been responsible for helping entrepreneurs generate over a billion dollars in online revenues in the last ten years. He is also responsible for several online direct response marketing innovations used readily today. An example would be the micro-commitment lead acquisition landing page, which is now considered almost the industry standards. He is an expert marketer and consultant for online marketing funnel optimization and traffic generation. You can review several of his marketing breakthroughs in the founder of Clickfunnels.com, Russell Brunson’s, best-selling marketing books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets.




Effectively engaging consumers and incorporating their interests in the dialogue leads to positive, memorable experiences that directly translate to sales of our clients’ goods and services

We strive to consistently maintain an expert understanding of competitive landscapes, by constantly evaluating, analyzing and remaining in touch with the changing needs of our clients and target markets

We leverage our extensive, collective experience of appealing to emotional drivers of key consumer segments, specializing in Gen X and Millennial consumers

We evaluate consumer’s response, learn and adapt our plans to meet ever evolving needs